Community Environmental and Cultural Tour

“Meijinyou Community Environmental and Cultural Tour”, known as “Meijinyou” for short, is built on the theme activities to get citizens gathered to visit the historical and cultural landscapes, ecological wetland and ecological communities along Jinjiang River. Four different kinds of courses with subjects of “household refuse, water, history & culture and wetland” are set up including the scenic spots of Living Water Park, Xuetao Memorial Hall in Wangjiang Park and Egret Bay Wetland for the purpose of knowing more about our city from environmental and ecological perspectives. Besides, activities like visiting urban and household wastes disposal sites and eco-district are also available for citizens in order to further enhance people’s environmental awareness. Environmental protection classroom activities will also be set up to enrich citizens’ knowledge in environmental protection.


It would be conducive to enhancing citizens’ understandings on community and improvement of environmental awareness through the experiencing and participatory learning style of learning via traveling so as to better promote the ecological civilization construction in communities. The learning process would be much more interesting through the combination of outdoor teaching of learning via traveling with environmental protection classroom program.



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