The "Land of Abundance", the capital of gastronomy - Chengdu. Situated in between the Longmen range to the west and the Longquan Mountains to the east, Chengdu features a sub-tropical monsoon climate and together such a unique natural environment blesses the region with the ideal conditions for a variety of flora suitable for gardening. For centuries, the people of Chengdu have always sought for a highly livable and ecological city, where natural sceneries and urban establishments sit side by side, where myriads of gardens dot the cityscape, where mountains and rivers run in their most beautiful forms.

The "i-Ecogarden" learning and experience program not only teaches citizens how to grow vegetables on their own terrace, it also pioneers a lifestyle that emphasizes conservation and environmental protection that will help build more eco-friendly communities!

Efforts will be invested in exploring, researching and developing family terrace gardening start-up, and transforming the "terrace gardening" program into "a place where retired citizens can spend time", "stress-reliever for white collars", "produce basket for housewife", "science theme park for kids", "oxygen bar for the whole family" and "exchange platform for neighbors".


Please visit http://www.cdcu.cn/SiteServer/IGardenWebSite/index.htm to discover more about our i-Ecogarden Lab!

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