Rurual Tour

Travel study is one of the most traditional methods of studying among the Chinese. Being a portmanteau that combines the concepts of "traveling" and "studying", in Chinese history this method can be traced back to Confucius. The method of "travel study" as we know it today is a product of 20th century's relatively peaceful environment and globalization. It is not purely traveling, nor is it simply studying, rather, the method promotes relaxation while studying and learning while having fun. It facilitates integration of cultures and is an ideal way to expand one's horizon.

Pujiang, "the fairest of western Sichuan", boasts excellent natural environment, unique Liaoweng's Confucianism, Zen tea culture, and air quality that surpasses the highest national standard. It is the prime choice among urbanites for rural travel study and delivers an impeccable experience both in terms of "traveling" and "studying".


Experiential Tours

1.Chengjia, the Home of Tea

Touring the tea capital of western Sichuan, community education school, tea-picking and processing at Jiazhu Green Tea Plantation, touring the tea processing facilities, enjoying and experiencing tea ceremony, tea and health forum, savoring delicacies from the Home of Tea, free time

2. Flowers, Fruits and Exercise at Guangming Yingtao Mountain

Route 1: touring Yinghua Ridge (bicycling or walk), Mengzi River Valley, exploring the exercise path, Yinghua Plaza (Cheery Blossom Plaza), Meier Valley oxygen-rich exercise area, Eastern Han dynasty grotto cluster, savoring farm-to-table delicacies, free time

Route 2: Yinghua Plaza (Cheery Blossom Plaza), Meier Valley oxygen-rich exercise area, cherry blossom scenic area, Eastern Han dynasty grotto cluster, Visitor Center, savoring farm-to-table delicacies, free time (leisure time or ascend to the Guanmao Mountain scenic area)

3. Xilai Ancient Town Zen Tea Culture and Modern Agriculture Tour

Scenery and flower-viewing and fruit-tasting at Xipo Ridge, touring Chengdu Battle Memorial Museum, touring ancient town, savoring farm-to-table delicacies, touring modern agriculture facilities (leisure, flower-viewing and fruit-tasting at 10,000mu Fuxing Kiwi Fruit Plantation)

Visitors experience, travel, study and realize self-improvement all at the same time in an enjoyable and effortless manner.

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