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The website chengdu.myechinese.com is a joint effort between Chengdu Community College and the Chengdu Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese with the aim of delivering Chinese language training and disseminating Chinese culture. It is an online/offline platform that serves foreigners living and working in Chengdu, overseas Chinese both at home and abroad, and citizens of Chengdu’s sister cities.

The platform on one hand provides Chinese language and cultural education services and resources. On the other hand, it also conducts a myriad of synergetic offline activities such as “Chengdu folk culture/community experience” and “City of Hibiscus travel study”. These programs combine community cultural interaction, volunteer activities, community education and Chinese study, which in turn are opportunities for foreigners to get to know about Chengdu’s local social customs and habits on an in-depth level. Such method is conducive to positioning the city as a vibrant international exchange hub.

The website relies on long-distance education technology to support Chinese study worldwide. In addition to providing a variety of Chinese language and cultural education multi-media resources, the website also functions as a comprehensive education management and service platform for Chinese schools and teachers across the globe.


  • Chinese Language Courses (Non-degree program)

    • Instructed in English

    • Learn Chinese well anytime and anywhere with well-designed Online Course and fun, stylish interactive practice.

    • Enjoy the company of private study advisors who offer effective help anytime throughout the semester.

    • Join the native Chinese teachers in the Live Tutor lectures to practice spoken Chinese.

    • Language Proficiency Certificate for qualified students

  • Chinese Culture (Online Courses)

    • Folk Arts/Sports

    • Chinese history, geography, folk customs and etc.

  • Study Tours to China

    • Immersion Chinese Language and Culture Camp(preferred in Chengdu )

    • Art and Exchange Tours

    • Volunteers and Leadership Camp (for school age )

  • Culture and Leisure Exchange Programs

    • Photography

    • Music & Singing

    • Dance

    • Food & Wine

    • Fashion & Sewing

  • Work skills and Internship

  • Advisory on Study or Work in Chengdu (China)

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