• 中国泰迪熊博物馆 TEDDY BEAR MUSEUM 2017/06/13

    中国泰迪熊博物馆 第一部分 预订须知 1.开放时间: 平日(周一至周五)10:00-17:30,售票时间10:00-16:30;周末(周六至周日)10:00-18:00,售票时间10:00-17:00请大家安排好自己的出行计划,泰迪熊博物馆欢迎您的光临!) 2.特惠政策: A.免费政策:1.2米(含)以下的儿童免费(一名成人只能带一名免票儿童) B.优惠 ...

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  • Wuhou Memorial Shrine 武侯祠 2017/05/03

    Situated just 15 minutes from the city center by bus or taxi this most interesting Three Kingdoms period museum set in a simply beautiful park surrounded by high red walls, and cyprus trees, is al ...

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  • Leshan Giant Sitting Buddha 乐山大佛 2017/04/17

    Certainly not the only reason to visit Leshan but most certanly a massive reason to do so. At over 70 meters tall Leshan's iconic 1200 year old giant seated Buddha (the worlds tallest) draws world wid ...

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  • Dufu Thatched Cottage Memorial 杜甫草堂 2017/03/28

    Dufu Thatched Cottage Memorial The Thatched Cottage was once to home to the famous Chinese Poet Du Fu. After fleeing the Ab-Shi Rebellion which broke out in modern day Xian in 758, Du Fu sett ...

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  • Mount Qingcheng 2017/03/21

    ‍ Looking for an outdoor journey with breathtaking views and one-of-a-kind memorabilia? Then you should definitely consider making a day trip to Qingcheng Mount. as their hours of operation are 8am ...

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  • The Sichuan Cuisine Museum 2017/02/26

    The Sichuan Cuisine MuseumThe Sichuan Cuisine Museum, otherwise known as the “Chuancais Museum” lies to the west of Chengdu city in the ancient county town of Pixian. Long ago Pixian was recognized by ...

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  • JinSha Site Museum 2016/12/13

    The Jinsha Site Museum offers all visitors a rare opportunity to spend time with a once prosperous, industrious, religious, and achient civilization's treasures, artifacts, and symbols of worship.Dis ...

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  • 成都武侯祠锦里古街 2016/04/11

    武侯祠博物馆为响应政府发展文化产业的号召,于2001年斥资兴建了锦里民俗休闲古街,并且作为成都市政府2002年为民办实事项目,历经三年的修建,于2004年10月31日正式对外开放,作为三国文化延伸的一次产业化市场的大力实践。锦里古街位于成都市武侯祠旁,一期占地16.4亩,建筑面积6500平方米,街道全长340米。整个建筑以清末明初四川民居风格为基础,以三国文化和四川传统民俗文化的丰富内涵为根基,形 ...

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  • China Lane 2016/04/07

    Annual of the Huayang Kingdom . Annual of Shu District” has recorded that Qin State has moved a part of population to Chengdu in 2 years after the end of Ancient Shu State, namely 341 B.C. Thereafter, ...

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  • 西岭雪山 Xiling Snow Mountain 2016/04/06

    西岭雪山---世界自然遗产、大熊猫栖息地,国家重点风景名胜区。景区位于四川盆地西部的大邑县,距成都市95公里,幅员面积375平方公里,区内最高峰大雪塘,海拔5364米,为成都第一峰,终年积雪不化,景色壮观。唐代伟大诗人杜甫寓居草堂时,观此美景,留下了“窗含西岭千秋雪,门泊东吴万里船”的千古绝句。Xiling Snow Mountain---a World Natural Heritage, is ...

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