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“两会”期间成都市政协港澳委员考察“成都华文学习在线” Hong Kong and Macao Members of the CPPCC Chengdu Inspect the Chengdu Chinese Learning Online during the Two Sessions Period

Release Date:2016-04-07


On January 13th, during the Two Sessions period, over 30 Hong Kong and Macau committee members from of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference of Chengdu visited the Chengdu Community College and inspected its education undertakings and listened to the special report on the Chengdu Chinese Learning Online regarding services provided to overseas Chinese. Chengdu CPPCC Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Overseas Chinese and Foreign Affairs Committee Director Wang Chunxia, Deputy Directors Zhao Lu, Zhou Hao and Tang Jie, Party Committee of Chengdu Community College Secretary Zhao Gang and college president Zhou Jiping were together along on the visit.



For its efforts and achievements in open education, life-long learning and services provided to knowledge-based cities, accomplished through a society-oriented and Internet+ education model, the Chengdu Community College was highly praised by the Hong Kong and Macau committee members. In addition, the committee members also offered advice for further development of the Chengdu Community College and Chengdu Chinese Learning Online based on a combination of their own rich experiences and resources. Their suggestions are of substantial value with respect to the broadening horizon in school operations, profit model innovations and development of promotion and publicity channels.

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港澳委员一行还参观了 “i-生态菜园总基地。观摩了成都社区大学市民学习体验中心摄影课堂、书画学习体验中心迎新春,写对联书友会、市民歌唱体验中心的京剧票友活动等,亲身感受到了成都市民丰富充实的学习生活和积极的学习热情。

These committee members have also visited the headquarters of i-Eco Garden. They observed and experienced several activities at the Chengdu Community College including photography courses at the civic learning experience center, the “Welcome New Year and Write Auspicious Couplet” book club organized by the painting and calligraphy learning experience center, and the Peaking Opera salon at the public singing experience center. Through these activities, they truly experienced the enriched daily life and passionate spirit of the studious Chengdu citizens.



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