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2016年春季市民外语学院开学典礼 Public Foreign Languages Institute 2016's Spring Open Ceremony

Release Date:2016-04-05


In the warm breeze of spring, sun shines brightly over many smiley faces. At 2.30pm on 3 March, the opening ceremony of spring semester 2016 of Chengdu Foreign Languages Institute was held at Chengdu Community University.



Lecture Hall on Floor 6 Teaching Building 1 of Chengdu Community University was packed with students. They were all listening attentively and taking notes occasionally. The university’s CPC Party secretary Zhao Gang made a welcoming address to all new students and encouraged them to stay young in mind and learn more new things to enrich their lives. Teachers of the Public Foreign Languages Institute made an introduction to the content-rich curriculum and the multimedia textbook Practical English for Amateurs especially adapted for Chengdu citizens. Graduate representatives also shared their learning experiences with the newcomers, advocating life learning and encouraging the new students to make progress as they do. All students were expecting to take the programme as a starting point of pursuing “introduce Chengdu to foreigners and travel around the world”.

市民外语学院是成都社区大学社区教育国际化工作的重要项目之一。该项目面向成都市民,推出一系列实用易学、且有成都特色的英语及跨文化交际课程和培训,并打造了首部专为成都市民设计编写的实用英语教材。 20159月开学以来,已有近2000人次学员参加了外语学院的课程和市民英语汇演等系列活动。


Public Foreign Languages Institute” is one of the major projects marking Chengdu Community University’s education internationalization scheme. The programme open to Chengdu citizens features a series of basic practical English classes with Chengdu characters and cultural communication trainings. It compiled an exclusive practical English textbook for Chengdu citizens. Since its opening last September, nearly 2000 students have participated in its activities such as language and cultural courses and annual performances.


This spring, the Institute has planned to open 7 classes to cover around 280 students. Night classes are especially scheduled for students working full-time during the day. Furthermore, the public can also access the courses by following “Chengdu Community Education” on WeChat. There are many other activities awaiting all students, such as theme culture salons and volunteers exchange programmes. Under such a comprehensive programme, the public will not only acquire English language skills, but also knowledge of difference between Chinese and foreign cultures and improved intercultural communication skills, thus potentially giving a hand in building Chengdu into an international metropolis.


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