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SINO LANGUAGE & BEYOND Camp Experiences a One-Day Trip at Chengdu Community College

Release Date:2015-07-07

On June 29th, 2015, a five-person study tour of the SINO LANGUAGE & BEYOND (SLB) Camp experienced rich cultural activities in Chengdu, where they had an unforgettable day. These second and third generations of Chinese Americans, despite of their yellow skin and black hair, are far from the Chinese culture atmosphere in their daily lives. Traditional Chinese folk customs, languages and arts are strange and intriguing to them. During the one-day trip, Chengdu Community College arranged colorful local culture-experiencing activities for them to better knowChinaand taste local delicacies.

Here, they explored urban ecological vegetable gardens and learned to read Chinese characters, living a contented life like Chengdu people; they wrapped zongzi (glutinous rice dumplings) and chaoshou (Wonton) with their hands, while experiencing the culture of local holidays and tasting local snacks… The afternoon courses were more interesting and colorful. The traditional art of seal cutting got them excited. All of them learned how to engrave their Chinese surnames into seals under the teacher’s advice; the handcrafted silk artworks awarded them with beautiful magnolia flowers.

The day-long experience was too good to end. Everyone was looking forward to the next visit. The Chengdu Chinese Learning Online (chengdu.myechinese.com), a platform provided by Chengdu Community College has opened online courses and classes for them to learn Chinese language and explore Chinese culture back home.

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