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The Chinese Knot 中国节

Release Date:2017-04-28


Chinese traditional customs are observed throughout the country during the Spring Festival,and the Chinese knot is a case in point.The Chinese knot,also called the long twisting knot,is made of a single red string and has been popular throughout the country.As an art of decoration,it took into form during the Tang(618-907)and Song(960-1279)dynasties.It bears the characteristics of simplicity and elegance and denotes the family warmth.Meanwhile,since the knot is made of a single red rope,it symbolizes the mystery of endlessness.

In ancient times,knot is made of single red rope,it symbolizes the mystery of endlessness.In ancient times,knots were used to make records of events,or as the token of the romantic relationship between a man and a woman.In terms of its structure,the Chinese characterjie(knot)represents the love between a man and a woman and the joy of marriage.Such manes as the knot of a mutual heart,the knot of intercourse,the knot of lovesickness,the knot of mandarin ducksand the knot of chainsare indications of the intimacy between the two genders.

Later on,as the culture of the Han nationality evolved quickly,there were more ways to deliver affections in different interpersonal relationships.But in less developed regions of some ethnic groups,the knot has been adopted as a way of recording events over a fairly long period of time.The Chinese knot is now widely used as a decoration.Besides,it also serves as a popular gift like a wall calendar or a postcard,without particular romantic implications,which is different from pouches,embroidered balls and handkerchiefs.The Chinese knot represents peoples fondness of the national culture,the pursuit of returning to Nature,and the adherence to the old ways.


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