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Posting “Fu” Upside Down 福“到”

Release Date:2017-04-17


The Chinese character “fu”(meaning “blessing” or “happiness”)is usually pasted upside down on lintels or cabinets.In China,”fu upside down”shares the same pronunciation with “happiness is approaching”.The custom can be traced back to the Song Dynasty(960-1279).People looked forward to the scene of “Spring everywhere on the Earth,and happiness in every household”.The Philosophy of Han Fei:Annotation on Laozi states,”Happiness is longevity and wealth.”In other ancient books,it is stated that “Happiness is wealth”,”Happiness is richness”,”Happiness is kindness”,or “Happiness is auspiciousness”.People’s good wishes for the coming year were expressed with the posting of the Chinese character “fu”.


A famous folk story goes like this:Liu Hai of the Five Dynasties (907-960)was once a prime minister and later became an immortal.He was said to appear in the image of a divine boy wearing trimmed hair in bangs,riding a golden toad,and holding a string of coins in his hand.In Chinese mythology he was the God of Happiness.The golden toad was a miraculous object in Heaven.In ancient China,it was believed that a golden toad could endow boundless wealth on its owner.Liu Hai played with the golden toad and got a coin after each game,which was a symbol of various money-making channels and great wealth.In the past,people bought paper-cuts or paintings of “Liu Hai Playing with the Golden Toad”in pursuit of happiness and wealth.

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