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The Sichuan Cuisine Museum

Release Date:2017-02-26

The Sichuan Cuisine Museum

The Sichuan Cuisine Museum, otherwise known as the “Chuancais Museum” lies to the west of Chengdu city in the ancient county town of Pixian. Long ago Pixian was recognized by the ancient traders to be a very important town of commerce, and trade along the old South Silk Road.


Located in a town with a history dating back some 3,000 years, Pixian’s Chuancais Museum complex is able to boast a wealth of tourism resources which include Historic Sites & Buildings that house the Collection Hall - the Kitchen God Ancestral Hall - the Interactive Demonstration Hall along with the intriguing Raw Material & Processing Tools display areas.

Registered as a National AAA Scenic Spot, the Chuancais Museum is thought to be the only museum in the world featuring a broad & diverse range of Sichuan Culinary & Cultural items such as Sichuan Wines, Sichuan Teas, Sichuan Architecture, Gardens, Opera, and of course Cuisine.


Along with viewing the more than 6,000 Sichuan culinary cultural items numbered within the museum's present collection, visitors are able to watch the museum’s chef in action creating authentic Sichuan dishes, and actually take part in a Sichuan cooking experience which ultimately leads to tasting the fruits of their endeavors.

As Chauncais management believe museums should be dynamic, along with being able to take part in the cooking experience, visitors are encouraged to get to know, and become familiar with Sichuan Cuisine via the “Play with Chuancais” the ultimate foodie experience, as outlined below.


Time: 10:00

Location: Tourist Center

As visitors arrive at the Sichuan Cuisine Museum they are greeted by a bilingual guide who introduces the museum's Tourist Center and hands out informational materials, and museum visitor survey cards. Visitors will then be invited to start their Sichuan dish jouney by first tasting a famous, and very popular local snack of fresh pancake made with eggs, and fermented flours in a variety of flavors to delight a variety of taste buds...delicious !

Time: 10:05

Location: Scenic & Visual Display Areas

Aided by a bilingual guide visitors are taken through the museums exhibits;

1. Firstly, the Clasic Collection Hall where visitors are able to view thousands of antiques which include a huge assortment of kitchen wares, books & picutres, and manuscripts which faithfully record the history of Sichuan culnary cultres dating back more than 3,000 years to the Ba and Shu civilizations.

2. The Raw Materials display area here visitors can immerse themselves in traditional Sichuan cooking practices such as; Flipping, Sun-Drying, and the technique of Dewing which is ued in the making of the famed Pixian chilly bean paste. But, it's not all about looking and watching, visitors may also taste one of the local delicacies, Xuanzi Pea Jelly...delicious.

3. Dui Da Ru Liu when viewing this spot the guide will recount the history of the famous Three Kingdoms Period General, and the origins of Horse Street town.

4. Kithchen God Ancesteral Hall learn of Chuancai's banquet culture, and Kitchen God, a most revered deity in traditional Sichuan folk culture. You may feel lucky, and draw from lots for a chance to win a prized Sichuan menu.

5. Sichuan Resaurant Alley catch a glimpse into the past, and the dinning experiences of a much older Chengdu. The very popular combined Western-Sichuan Architectural styles of the early 1900's period restaurants are displayed through paintings and pictures.

6. Raw Materials Processing time to be adventurous, crush chilies into powder using a Qing Dynasty pestle & mortar, make, and taste sweat or spicy bean curd puddings, and practice the art of grinding beans with an ancient grinding machine.

Time: 11:30

Location: Interactive Demonstration Hall

This is where things get really fun and interesting. Visitors are expertly coached through their individual hands-on learning experience making three typical Sichaun dishes. Skills of cutting, correctly applying and controling heat, addition of spices, and the blending of five basic flavors to create dishes from the hundreds of flavor filled Sichaun delicacies.

Museum Menu Choices;

A) Panda Steamed Dumplings - Kung Pao Chicken - Mapo Tofu
B) Pumpkin Steamed Dumplings - Daqian Dry-Braised Fish - Boiled Beef in Chili Sauce

The museums master chef will offer comments on the dishes being prepared, and provide advice as to the correct preparation, presentation, and eating of authentic Sichuan dishes...and lastly the chef will happily pose with visitors for group photos.

Time: 12:30

Location: Interactive Demonstration Hall

Taste Time is next, yes, this is it...but take take your time, sit with friends and enjoy the aromas permeating the air, try to name the spices used to bring-out the flavours of each dish, and finally sample the dishes you were inspired to prepare. Fresh fruit, and beverages such as red wine, vegetable & fresh fruit juices, and tea are also made available, as are the recipes for the visitor prepared dishes. Once the samplings are completed, please take a few moments to offer a few words of feed-back on the short form-card you received upon arrival.

Time: 13:00

Location: Tourist Center

Now it's time to say goodbye to the Chuancais Museum, you will receive a small gift, a reminder of your Shichuan cooking experience, "Rookie Master Chef" certificates will be presented by the Master Chef, as will another opportunity for group photos.

Address: Pixian Ancient Town, Sichuan
(On the Shaxi line 23 km outside of the city)

Getting there.
By Metro and Bus;
Take Metro Line 2 to Xipu station, then take Bus No. 722 to Sichuan Cuisine Museum

By Bus;
From Chengdu Jinsha Station; take Buses No. 305 to Pixian Passanger Transportation Center,
then change to bus No. 363 to the Sichuan Cusine Museum.

From Cengdu Jiulidi Bus Station; take Bus No. 365 to Pixian Ancient Town, then walk 500m north to Chengdu Chuancai Museum

Open Season: all year round - Hours of Operation 9am to 6pm

Entrance / Experience ticket RMB 360.
Experiences include: taste Chengdu snacks - appreciate watercress art - savoring tea - make offerings at the Temple to the Culinary God - enjoy banquet & leisure activities - make millstone tofu pudding & classic Sichuan cuisine, and visit the fluent-answer spring - the Collection Pavilion & Traditional Sichuan Cuisine Street.

Contact information: +86 13880687570 (English Customer Service)
Services: bilingual experiences all throughout
(including explanations, recreation and culinary lessons)

Metro, Xipu station (6:20 - 22:30)
Buses: No. 722 (6:30 - 21:00), No. 363 (6:40 -19:30) and No. 365 (7:30 -19:00)

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