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Kung Pao Mushroom

Release Date:2016-04-13

Kung Pao Mushroom

Source: China Sichuan Food

Kung Pao king oyster mushroom is a must try dish for those vegan spicy food lovers.

Kung Pao chicken is the most popular Szechuan (Sichuan) dish outside China. In China, we get a large group of dishes using Kung Pao sauce, for example, Kung Pao tofu, Kung Pao fish, Kung Pao sweet potato, Kung Pao Shrimp.

I am so satisfied with the taste of this kung Pao king oyster mushroom and so pleased by the simple process because comparing with chicken, this is no marinating process.

King oyster mushroom is named as chicken leg mushrooms by Chinese (鸡腿菇), because it not only looks like chicken leg but also tastes like chicken leg too. In China, Kung Pao chicken is usually made with Chicken leg instead of breast.


Remove the hard ends of king oyster mushroom and then cut into dices just like chicken dices.


Prepare chili peppers, garlic and scallion, toasted peanuts and combine stir fry sauce in a small bowl.


Heat oil in wok and fry garlic, dried pepper, Sichuan peppercorn and scallion sections over slow fire until aroma.


Place the mushroom in and fry until they become soft.


Stir in stir fry sauce and continue frying for 1 minute until the sauce is well thickened.


Add toasted peanuts, give a big stir fry to mix everything well.


Serve with steamed rice.


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