• Chuan Chuan Xiang(串串香) 2015/01/12

    Chuan Chuan Xiang: It is a dish consisting of chunks or slices of meat, and a variety of vegetables on bamboo skewers. The dish is cooked in a Sichuan "ma la - numb and spicy" broth, where a special ...

    Tags: Food
  • Bang-Bang Chicken (棒棒鸡) 2014/12/03

    Bon bon chicken (also known as Bang Bang Ji (棒棒鸡) and Bang-Bang Chicken),it is a popular Sichuan dish prepared with sesame paste and rice vinegar. Traditionally bashed with a heavy mallet to make it e ...

    Tags: Food
  • Hot Pot 2014/10/20

    HOT POT Fluorescent lights shine dow on a streaming vat of chili oil, slowly de-coagulating into a bubbling, fragrant soup of bobbing chili peppers and hua jiao - a unique mouth-numbing pepper from ...

    Tags: Food
  • Snacks in Chengdu小吃 2014/09/28

    Snacks in Chengdu ...

    Tags: Food
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