• Anren – the museum town of China 中国博物馆小镇——安仁 2016/04/01

    Anren – the museum town of China, is located in Chengdu Plain, Sichuan Province with long-standing histories and cultures and prof ...

    Tags: Travel
  • LUODAI 洛带古镇 2014/12/14

    LUODAI Luodai, a once sleepy Hakka township in Chengdu, was given a new lease on life in 2007 during the 20th World Hakka Conference, attended by about 3,000 mainlanders and expatriates who shared ...

    Tags: Travel

    Dujiangyan, about 45 minutes northwest of Chengdu's city center, presents a remarkable mixture of history, spirituality and geography that attracts streams of local and overseas visitors during th ...

    Tags: Travel
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